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About Electronic Time Capsule

Thank you for your interest in Electronic Time Capsule.

I was inspired to create this for one simple reason: my children. I love to write to them – to let them know about their lives as they grow, to express my feelings about them and the world, and to share my hopes and dreams for the future; however, I had some issues writing in a traditional paper journal. When I searched for an online journal service, I didn’t find one that met my specific needs. So the Electronic Time Capsule was born!

Here are some of the challenges I faced with the traditional journal and some of the reasons why Electronic Time Capsule could be perfect for you, too!

Ability to Discuss Mature Topics
I didn’t feel comfortable writing about issues that were too complex for my young children to read or understand at the moment I created the journal entries. Also, I didn’t want to start sealing “Do Not Open Until…” envelopes; they can’t be easily reviewed and revised, or they might get lost. The thought of post-dating messages intrigued me. And, because I’m human, I liked the idea that the messages I write would be released to my wife and children at a time I choose – even if I pass away. Electronic Time Capsule is a great way to help families through the grieving process and stay connected with loved ones that have left us.

Convenience and Portability
My journal wasn’t always with me when I felt the urge to write. Sometimes inspiration would come while I was traveling, but I didn’t pack my journal on trips for the simple fear of losing it. Creating little notes to paste in the journal later became too time consuming and messy. Thanks to the Internet, my Electronic Time Capsule is portable – it’s with me everywhere I go!

Need to Keep It Safe
I worried about the journal getting lost or misplaced every time I gave it to grandparents or other family members and friends so they could record their thoughts and memories. I was also afraid that it might get damaged in the event of a fire or flood. The Electronic Time Capsule service ensures the safety and delivery of my messages to loved ones in the future.

I’d love to hear how you use Electronic Time Capsule to stay in touch with your loved ones. Click here to share your story on our Web site. And remember, if you love your experience, “Share It Forward.” Tell your friends and family to try Electronic Time Capsule, too. Send a friend an email invitation.

Thanks again. I hope you enjoy using the Electronic Time Capsule service as much as I enjoyed creating it!